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One of the things I wanted to do was outline the five key points when you’re placing your home on the market. What can you do to maximize your exposure and get the best contract possible (best terms best price) as it pertains to your property.

Point Number 1) Always remember the outside of the home is the first thing the buyer will see. Make sure all the hedges and yard are neatly trimmed and top up areas with mulching.

Point Number 2) Windows! Keep the blinds open as it will give your house an open light bright feel. Clean windows also indicate to the buyer that the home is well taken care of.

Point Number 3) Surfaces – Make sure all the surfaces in the interior are clean and clear of clutter. It’s perfectly fine to have some light accessories and maybe a decorative vase in kitchen room.

Point Number 4) Carpets and floors! If you’re carpeting needs to be cleaned or replaced, make sure to do it. It’s a small investment that allows you to get top dollar for the home. Don’t forget about the walls and touch up any areas that need care

Point Number 5) You’re the buyer! One thing we suggest with sellers is to leave the home, drive around the block, re-enter the home, but now look at it as if you’re the buyer and that will help you spot areas needing improvement the most.

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